Quick and Easy Organic Strawberry Jam

Soon after buying our house, we discovered that our home was called “The Birdhouse” by many of our neighbors. It made sense to us since the previous owners had attached funky birdhouses around the exterior of the house in an attempt to stop the birds from pecking holes into the side of the structure.

At first, I wasn’t too keen on the little houses but when spring came, we realized it was too late to remove them as birds had already set up house in anticipation of their growing families. As the summer rolled on, we became enamoured with the cycle of bird life that we watched from our deck and windows, especially when the young chicks took flight for their first time, and so, the houses have stayed.

snowy birdhousessmSince Thanksgiving our home has been filled with friends and family. We love waking up to the sleepy-heads who make their way to the kitchen in the morning while Ric whips up hot chocolates and his killer lattes for all. We sit around our big table that overlooks the tall pine trees and deer that wander through our yard.

Deer-in-YardWe chow down croissants and homemade organic strawberry jam before we head to the slopes…


…pull out the sleds (there was even some lugging going on) and ice skates.


This is what matters to Ric and me the most, our children, friends, family and creating memorable shared experiences with all of these people who mean so much to us. What a fun winter this has been.


Since I have yet to find an organic jam that isn’t made of pulverized fruit to the point of tasting like baby food, I make my own in small batches using frozen organic fruit. It works out well since I don’t have to deal with sterilizing cases of jars, preparing tons of fruit and all of the mess that goes along with it – this is so simple to make. Also, I like to taste chunks of fruit in my jam so I chop the fruit to the size that appeals to me.


Quick & Easy Organic Strawberry Jam

1 10-ounce bag of organic frozen strawberries
1 cup organic sugar
2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice


Defrost the strawberries just enough so you can cut them. Chop them until they resemble the photo below. If you prefer smaller or larger bits, chop them according to your preference.


Place the sugar, lemon juice and strawberries into a heavy bottomed pot over medium heat. Stir until the strawberries begin to release their juices and them turn the heat up to medium-high.


Stirring constantly, bring the jam to a rolling boil until it reaches 210 degrees on a candy thermometer.


Remove from heat and pour into clean jars. You should have approximately 10 ounces of jam. Allow the jam to cool and sit at room temperature for a few hours and then refrigerate.


Our Birdhouse B&B ~ Quick and Easy Organic Strawberry Jam ~ by Eva Marie


  1. Betty Dickerson

    Hi Eva, the jam looks wonderful, thank you once more for sharing your wonderful recipes with us. I am going to make it and see how it compares to my mother’s strawberry freezer jam, hers tasted like fresh cut saucy wonderful berries. She used the recipe in the pectin box, it calls for too much sugar, so we cut back on it and added lemon juice. My kids love it when they come home and have a taste of their grandma’s jam. I put the jam in quart freezer bags and freeze flat so they fit into the freezer nicely. Key is not to over fill the bags, you don’t want them to burst while freezing. (had that happen once) When I can food I put the jars in the dishwasher to sterilize, and fill them while they are still hot. Seems to work for me. Enjoy your skiing and family..Betty

    • Hi Betty – You may want to try it with 3/4 of a cup of sugar if you like it less sweet. It may not be as thick but I’m sure it will taste good. The biggest reason I use this recipe is so I can have organic jam that has some texture. In the summer, when fruit is abundant, I love to make jam from fresh fruit but I always run into a problem finding the time. This recipe is a happy medium for me, especially when we have house-guests and when I want organic fruit jams but I don’t want to make big batches. I love the idea of using freezer bags to store the jam! I’ll have to try that this summer when I make big batches. Thanks for the tip! Eva

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