My Favorite Dishes for a New England Beach Vacation

I have wonderful memories of New England summers and trips up the coast from Mystic, CT to Maine. The seafood, fresh from the ocean and fruits and vegetables bought from local roadside stands were made into simple meals eaten picnic style on the beach or boat.

Last week a friend mentioned that she was heading up to Maine and asked for a few dish recommendations.

I have included some recipes where clams, lobster or crab can be added to create delicious New England meals; a hearty clam & corn chowder, my take on eggs Benedict topped with lobster meat for a super sinful breakfast and a recipe for a classic lobster roll.

I’ve also included a few recipes that will take advantage of the beautiful fresh berries available in Maine and a roasted beet and Boucheron salad that can be served with a wedge of cold goat cheese instead of the warmed Boucheron.

So, Nicole, enjoy the salty breeze, family and the gorgeous landscape that is New England!

Two Potato Hash with Eggs topped with lobster or crab

Blueberry Scones

Dutch Baby Pancake

Italian White & Green Bean Salad

Roasted Beet & Boucheron Salad

Corn (clam) Chowder

Fresh Peach & Berry Crisp

Maine Lobster Roll


4 New England-style hot dog or grinder buns
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
4-8 Boston or bibb lettuce leaves, washed and dried
1 pound fully cooked lobster meat or 5 pounds live lobsters
1/2 cup Hellman’s mayonnaise
2 small scallions (white and green parts), thinly sliced
A handful of fresh dill, minced
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Lemon wedges


If you are using live lobsters, steam them until fully cooked and then cool to room temperature. Use a cleaver to crack and remove the meat from the claws, knuckles and tails. Remove the cartilage from the claws and the intestine from the tails of the cooked meat. Roughly chop the meat into small pieces.

Combine the cooked lobster, scallions, dill and mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover and chill for at least 30 minutes before serving.

To assemble:
Brush the buns with melted butter and toast. Place a leaf or two of lettuce in the bun, top with lobster salad and serve with a wedge of lemon.


Please share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!

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