Remembering to Breathe…

Happily back in North Carolina for a few days, we took a walk down the road along the cotton fields until a couple of dogs chased us back the other way so we meandered our way down the long wooded driveway back onto the property.Through tall pine trees we strolled, listening to critters in the brush scurrying away and the leaves crunching under our feet as we kicked the pinecones along the path made of pine nettles and soft pillows of brightly colored moss that glistened in the sun in shades of chartreuse and hunter green.

Then a nap, that little luxury that is so rare for us. A gentle and deep slumber that we fell into was scrumptious beyond belief, if even only for an hour or so. We awoke slowly, not having to be anywhere soon.

To BREATHE….ahhh. I so needed this little retreat after long days spent in my windowless office. Good food, laughter, family, sunshine, long deep sleep and paying attention to my own rhythm. I was reminded of the importance of surrendering to the stress and resulting exhaustion that sometimes fills our lives, giving into the warm, yet crisp white sheets, taking a walk and reconnecting with nature and recharging the spirit of the soul. Simply delicious.

Please share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!

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