Art & Road Food

Ric and I were up in Austin last week for the ORIGIN magazine release party and art opening of our beautiful and talented artist friend, Helen Wheeler-Shaw. It was a great evening with an interesting mix of people and an overall cool vibe that you can always count in Austin.

To view Helen’s work go to

The weather in South Texas was gorgeous, with cooler temperatures and clear blue skies…something we hadn’t seen for weeks in Maryland. We got a good dose of vitamin D, a little Tex-Mex and great margaritas before we headed east for the fall.

From the road…

This morning I started off my day with a crumpled waffle and a bad cup of coffee in the lobby of the roadside Best Western in Port Allen Louisiana, where Ric and I spent last night. We have packed up the rest of my belongings from our house in San Antonio and we are heading back to Maryland, driving a twenty-six foot long Penske truck loaded with all of my “crap” as Ric and I refer to my lifetime collection of treasures.Because I started off my day with such a no nutritional value meal, I decided to continue my trend with a Starbucks latte, followed a couple of hours later by a wonderful gas station snack called “Combos”, which is a bite size pretzel tube stuffed with a cheddar cheese “flavored” filling.

And now I am curled up in a ball next to my husband as he continues to drive eastbound towards Montgomery, Alabama. With stabbing pains in my belly so bad I cannot stand up or sit straight, here I lie curled up with my pillow…scrawling my thoughts on a pad of paper.

Well over a year ago, on our first phase of our mission to move “Eva’s crap” eastward, we drove in two cars, my Audi and my son’s truck with a U-Haul trailer attached. We ended up leaving San Antonio later than expected, only making it just east of Dallas. We made the mistake of driving too far past the city and found ourselves in an area with no lodging whatsoever. Both of us were exhausted and a bit cranky when we stumbled across a horrible looking motel on the side of the road. It was truly creepy looking but we were afraid if we kept going we wouldn’t find anyplace else, so we pulled in to see if they had a room.

The man at the desk didn’t help to ease my hesitations with spending the night in this place, a little lurch-like with hollowed out, lifeless eyes, I reluctantly handed over my credit card in return for a room key.

The room was disgusting, dirty and smelly, I wouldn’t take off my shoes or touch anything in the bathroom. While Ric fell asleep quickly, I never did and at 3 o’clock in the morning, I heard shuffling footsteps outside our door. I peeked out from behind the dingy curtains to find the man from the front desk aimlessly sweeping with a sad little broom. At this point I leaned over to Ric and whispered,” I think we should leave and find someplace else to stay”. He rolled over and continued his catatonic slumber.

As we were standing in the gravel parking lot the next morning, loading up the cars, Ric gave me a big hug. Knowing how awful I looked in my worn out red Lucky Brand sweat pants, with my puffy sleepless face and no make-up on to disguise my rough night, I looked up in Ric’s well rested face and said,” I guess it’s not my stunning looks that you love me for?”.  “No”, he said, “not this morning”. “My winning personality?”, I questioned. “Not this morning.” he replied. “Then why do you love me today?”, I asked. With that he answered after a moment of thought, “Your potential.” and we both cracked up laughing and walked our way over to Denny’s for a Grand-Slam something or other.


  1. funny.. hotel scene for sure. i am inspired to write eva.. thank you for sharing your life and the ins and outs of your travels.

    does this mean you will be in Maryland? living?
    One of these days we should meet up in NC!!! XO

    • Marla – Yeah, get writing, girl! We should get together next time I am in NC …sometime this fall. BTW- LOVED the photo of you, Farrell, your mom and Richard Simmons…adorable! xx

  2. it sure was fun to see you both Eva!!
    Aww.. I’m sorry your trip back wasn’t so great..good lord those pretzel things make my stomach hurt too just looking at them!! haha.. compared to the amazing food you create your poor husband must have been unhappy. This was a great story though I felt like I was on the road with you .
    lots of love Helen xx

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